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Seniors pictures are a great way to capture your teens’ interests, hobbies, and personalities during their senior year. Yes, we can do that during formal photos, too, but for many seniors, the way they express themselves is with their wardrobe! And a Casual Seniors Portrait session is all about letting them express themselves.

A lot of portrait sessions are booked for teens by their parents. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that since you’re probably paying the bill, Mom and Dad, it can sometimes backfire. Some teens will simply go along for the ride because their parents want it and are paying for it, and that’s a total bummer for both your teen and for me! It’s always a whole lot more enjoyable to work with a teenager who is prepared to have some fun.

I have some tips to help your teen to relax and really engage with the session so it can be fun for everyone. Not to mention it will create some really cool, authentic, true-to-your-teen images.

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Tip #1: Include Them In The Session Planning

Involving your teen in the session planning means they are more likely to enjoy an experience that was built around their input and ideas.

People – all people, not just teenagers – get really nervous in front of the camera and they tend to stiffen up. That’s why I want to get to know who your teen is and let them know who I am. This will help them relax and feel comfortable to be themselves which makes for more authentic images.

Being present at the planning meeting gives me an opportunity to learn about them – their interests, hobbies, quirks, what makes them laugh, etc – so I can engage with them during the session rather than just giving directions (they’ll get plenty of that, too).

Encourage them to really show me who they are because no one wants stiff poses with forced smiles. That’s sure to earn some regrets down the road.

Tip #2: Help Them Choose and Prepare Their Wardrobe

Fashion is hard…
isn’t it?
Just me?

Well, I find fashion hard. Maybe your teen does, too. They may need your feedback on an outfit or someone to go shopping with (don’t worry, I have some advice on how to choose a wardrobe for you when you book a session). Make sure the wardrobe selection process starts weeks before the actual session so neither of you feels rushed.

Let them choose items that are going to really encapsulate their personality and allow them to express themselves, even if it means they want to wear a cat sweater and socks for an outfit! They will have a variety of outfits to work through during the session.

Once the wardrobe is selected, help ensure it is readied the night before the session. Anything that needs ironing, make sure they iron it. Anything that needs washing, wash it. No one wants to fight wrinkles and stains (especially me)!

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Tip #3: Don’t Forget Hair, Makeup, and Shaving

You might think this tip is meant largely for the ladies, but it is also meant for the fellas.

If your daughter is anything like I was (I didn’t know how to style my hair or really do my makeup), then thinking about how to style hair and do makeup is stressful! Hiring a professional would not only help relieve that stress but would also boost their confidence. Hair and makeup artists are well trained in how to style and paint to accentuate features while still having them look like themselves.

For your son, a clean shave and a fresh styled cut are strongly recommended. I suggest finding a skilled barber who can do both in one sitting. Relaxing and confidence-boosting.

All of the above gives your teen time to relax, mentally prepare for the session, and feel like a million bucks when they’re done.

There we go! Three excellent tips to help get your teen engaged in their casual seniors’ portrait session!

If you’ve tried all these and they’re still not interested…well…there’s always bribery, right? Haha!

Keep being the badass Mama or Papa you are!

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