Black Lives Matter and Pride Month

by Jun 6, 2020

Black Lives Matter. Roses & Scars Photography (me, since I’m the sole proprietor here) is listening and taking these matters seriously. Black lives are threatened daily and that has to stop. We can’t forget, though, that it is Pride Month, and the LGBT community struggles daily, also. There is so much we can do as humans to improve the circumstances for both these communities.

It’s Pride Month. A month when all the LGBTQ+ community can celebrate the freedom to be themselves! And that’s fabulous. Like, really, Fab-U-LOUS.

While I do hope the LGBTQ+ community takes the time to celebrate that, I also hope that they are taking the time to support their African American neighbors during this challenging time.

I won’t deny that I actually do my best to be non-confrontational and apolitical. I admit I feel that I don’t know enough about a lot of things in order to actually make a strong stand on any particular matter. I’m like Switzerland that way, I guess – neutral.

But… I do know what human decency looks like. I know what it means to be a decent human being. And oppressing other human beings, harassing and belittling them, bullying them just because they aren’t the same as you or you don’t agree with their lifestyle is not what a decent human does.

This is how I try to live my life (I am not always successful). Be a decent human being to other human beings. If what they are doing, how they are choosing to exist makes them happy and it isnt causing any harm to them or anyone around them, then go. Live your life. And be happy.
I don’t think that’s a very hard concept to grasp. Nor is it a hard one to live by, I think. But it becomes more and more apparent that it actually is EXTREMELY difficult for a great many people.

Pride Month

All humans deserve to be respected. That sounds a lot like All Lives Matter which has its controversy too. Truth is, they absolutely do. BUT I go on to say that Black and Indigenous lives are in danger right now. We have the opportunity to make a real change for our fellow human beings. We can all always learn to be more decent.

While we are learning to be better humans during the Black Lives Matters movement, let’s remember to take that new learned decency and apply it to all humans. Humans that include the LGBTQ+ community and Indigenous people, all of whom have struggles of their own with feeling safe in their day to day lives.

The last few months have made me look at myself. Even before George Floyd and the events that followed, I realized that I lived in a bubble.

Black Lives Matter

I love RuPaul’s Drag Race and I love Drag Queens but I didn’t actually know any drag queens. I thought I knew about drag culture from the show but I absolutely don’t. And when I decided I wanted to show my support for the LGBTQ community and step out of my bubble, I reached out to a beautiful Transwoman I had been following on Instagram because I loved her makeup and I asked her if she would be interested in participating in a special photography project with me. This was how I met a Transwoman and two drag queens (virtually) and they are awesome. I honestly feel nervous when talking to them because I’m afraid I’m going to say something completely ignorant!! But I hope that in interacting with them more I can learn more so I can be a better, more informed ally. (I have content related to a webcam shoot with one of these beautiful queens coming out this month. Look for it!)

Inside my bubble, it also becomes obvious that I don’t know many African Americans. The current situation that has people rallying in spite of being told to social distance due to Covid is making me really check myself. Yes, BLM rallies have happened before and they’ve made the news, but I was younger then and not prepared to evaluate my own prejudices. I am now.

Check Yourself

What is Your Contribution

As a photographer, I’ve never photographed a black woman. And I would like to. When I searched to find an image I could use (from another photographer) of a black woman posing for boudoir the images the search engine showed me when I used the word ‘boudoir’… well…approximately 95% were white women (admittedly, I did that super basic search to evaluate the bias of results presented to me). Even when I searched for ‘black boudoir’ or ‘African American boudoir’ it was extremely difficult to find! (Maybe black women are just too modest lol.) I ended up choosing one from Jen Rozenbaum whom I knew had images of beautiful black women in her books about boudoir photography (see that image below).

But I digress. I want my brand to be INCLUSIVE! Accepting, loving, and supportive. I want anyone who identifies any sort of way, of any color or race to feel comfortable coming to me for an incredible boudoir experience. And I want my experience to not only uplift my clients, but I want to tell their stories! I want to educate and enlighten and show that being a decent person is the right thing to do and it isn’t a difficult thing to do. I want to show others how easy it can be to just be accepting and supportive and that I do not accept racism or bigotry. I want to show the world how beautiful it is to just be!

Before You Wreck Yourself

I need to diversify my portfolio. Right now it primarily shows one skin color. That needs to change.

I know it’s not a conventional way to support BLM and I know that it may not be well received, but I would like to do a boudoir model call for the beautiful, brave, and bodacious African American ladies in Saskatoon.

If you are interested, please send me a message. Do you know someone who is interested? Send them my way. I will post the model call again and again until I have a whole host of beautiful ladies to photograph.

And a reminder: it is Pride Month and I will have some related content coming out this month!

Be a decent human being.
Treat others as you would like to be treated (The Golden Rule, right?).

Saskatoon Boudoir Jen Rozenbaums image of a beautiful African American woman posing in a black bra and panty set

If you’re a Beautiful, Brave, Bodacious African American Female Identifying individual who is interested in responding to my model call, then PLEASE, just send me a message. Like most people, I often have my phone close at hand and do my best to respond quickly.

Use the Contact form right here, or use the contact information on my Contact Page.

Don’t be afraid to reach out! I don’t bite.

Promise 😉

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