Covid Times: Webcam Boudoir with Jen L

by Nov 24, 2020

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If you’re looking for Intimate Photoshoot Ideas then why not consider a webcam boudoir session and use your partner as your mobile tripod? It can be a great bonding experience for both of you and empowers you at the same time!

Covid presented such a wonderful opportunity for me to try something new. I couldn’t do photography in person, so I had to find another way to be creative. Thanks to Teri Hofford in Winnipeg, I learned how to do webcam boudoir. And it ended up being so much damn fun! I asked anyone I could think of if they wanted to do it! And some people referred their friends, too. That was how I met Jen L. in Regina.

In my experience, a lot of women would do their session alone and I’d have to instruct them on where to place their phone and give them tips on how to prop it up properly (frustrating when you just want to reach out and do it haha). But Jen L involved her fiance in her May webcam shoot, using him as her mobile tripod. I have to confess, this made the session go SO MUCH SMOOTHER! And it created a really excellent bonding experience for her and her fiance! I interviewed Jen L after she got her images back and asked her what she felt about the entire experience.

R & S: Tell me a little about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live?

Jen L: I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and I am turning 30 this summer. I work with the public, so very rarely do I dress sexy unless it’s for a private date.

R & S: What were your reasons for wanting to do a webcam boudoir session?

Jen L: The biggest reason was body positivity. Coming up on my 30th birthday, I’m not concerned by aging. I just want to feel good about my body no matter where I’m at. The COVID-19 quarantine presented a challenge. I was far from my physical best, but it was an opportunity to do something totally new.

R & S: What sort of camera did you use?

Jen L: My partner, who helped with the session, used an iPhone 8.

Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer Webcam Boudoir Roses and Scars Photography

Intimate Photoshoot Ideas

R & S: Have you ever done an in-studio boudoir session?

Jen L: Not yet!

R & S: Describe how your session went, please.

Jen L: It exceeded my expectations (not that I really knew what to expect!). I was excited all day leading up to because my pre-session chats with you made me feel relaxed and eager to pose. I prepared the bedroom for the shoot, which my partner was involved with as a mobile tripod lol. The session developed very naturally; you and I talked and laughed through the poses (which were stunning) and when the session ended I was so happy with the entire experience. It was, hands down, the most fun I’ve had in quarantine, and one of the best date nights my partner and I have had in months! Life was so busy before the lockdown we didn’t have any time to appreciate each other as we should. I know the session was about me, but I truly enjoyed the couples aspect. We all laughed throughout the hour and a half. You are so damn encouraging. I felt like a queen the entire time.

R & S: What was the trickiest part of doing a webcam session?

Jen L: Probably just working through some of the poses. But you were so patient and the hard work paid off!

R & S: What was your favorite part of the webcam session?

Jen L: That it took place in my bedroom. It’s one of my favorite spaces in my home, and likely wouldn’t be photographed otherwise. I felt so comfortable and confident in the space that it made the experience that much better.

R & S: Describe what it was like for your fiance to move the camera around and position it.

Jen L: HAHA he LOVED it! Didn’t take much convincing to get him on board, and after the session (before the photos came back) he was telling me about all the poses that turned out great. I’m also incredibly comfortable in front of him, so it really helped make the session easy.

Intimate Photoshoot Ideas

R & S: Were the poses what you expected?

Jen L: I wasn’t sure what to expect but the poses were great! They highlighted the parts I wanted. You happily accomodated some of my ideas and even the ones that felt a little stiff to hold came out beautifully.

R & S: How did you feel about yourself after the webcam session?

Jen L: The BEST! I’m not the fittest I’ve ever been since quarantine life has taken over, but I’ve never been more in love with my body. There’s something special about seeing yourself through someone else’s point of view.

R & S: How did you feel when you saw the images that we created?

Jen L: Before I looked, I promised myself there would be no negative talk. After scrolling through each image (multiple times) with a smile, I realized it wasn’t difficult for me to keep that promise. The lighting, the playfulness. You also did a great job picking posed images and ones that were softer, lighter moments of the session.

R & S: Did you care that the quality of the images was, obviously, lower than in-studio images?

Jen L: Not at all. You and I discussed this prior to the session, and I liked that the images reflected a moment in time.

R & S: If you lived nearby, would you consider an in-studio boudoir session after your webcam experience?

Jen L: YES!

R & S: What advice do you have for people who are interested in doing a webcam boudoir session?

Jen L: It can feel so scary putting yourself out there, but a webcam session offers an opportunity to be in familiar surroundings while doing something daring. There is no way to lose. Pam is a professional, full of energy and enthusiasm. You’ll find that being around someone who celebrates you like Pam does makes having the session easy. On a practical level, I was fortunate to have neutral tones in my bedroom with few background distractions. I found I really liked that my images were intimate and solely of me.

R & S: Did anything unexpected come out of the session?

Jen L: My fiance and I honestly have a deeper trust and connection through this experience. I’ve never felt so fiercely supported in being myself and showing who I am. It was really special.

R & S: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Roses & Scars Photography that I may not have asked you?

Jen L: Just that I’m beyond grateful to you for making this experience so positive. I needed it more than I even knew at the time. These pictures will always be special to me, especially as I enter a new decade with lots of plans ahead. Thank you.

Intimate Photoshoot Ideas

Saskatoon Photographer

Webcam Boudoir

Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer Webcam Boudoir Roses and Scars Photography
Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer Webcam Boudoir Roses and Scars Photography

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