Covid Times: Webcam Boudoir with Ms. L

by Apr 10, 2020

In these trying and uncertain times, us creative people who depend on other people to be creative…well, we tend to go a bit stir crazy. Photography is a creative outlet for me and many others like me. It’s not that I can’t find other creative things to fill my time right now…it’s just that this makes me the happiest.

So I HAD to find a way to keep my creative juices flowing in a photography way.

Of course, I have done a couple of Front Steps Project Photos for a few families. They were fun, of course! But families just aren’t my forte. I desperately wanted to do some boudoir again! But how could I do that while social distancing?

Thankfully, I have been following a wonderful photographer in Winnipeg – Teri Hofford – who came up with a way to photograph via webcam and create artful boudoir photos for clients without anyone leaving their houses! Not only did she figure it out, she shared her process with us desperate photographers!

Upon discovering that she was offering her benevolent tutelage, I immediately signed up for the course and found myself a willing subject to, hopefully, patiently work through it with me.

Thank you to Ms. L for volunteering! I asked her a few questions the next day to find out what it was like for her.

R & S : How old are you?

Ms. L: I turned 30 in January.

R & S : What were your reasons for wanting to do a webcam boudoir session?

Ms. L: I’ve wanted to do boudoir for awhile and figured this was as good a time as any!

R & S: How did you feel once you committed to doing a webcam session?

Ms. L: Excited!!

Webcam Boudoir Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography Ms L (8)
Webcam Boudoir Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography Ms L (9)

R & S: Have you ever done an in studio boudoir session?

Ms. L: I did an at-home boudoir session years ago.

R & S: How did you feel about the session? Did you have fun?

Ms. L: I thoroughly enjoyed it.

R & S: What was the trickiest part of the webcam session?

Ms. L: The poses. The available angles were definitely reduced because of my phone being placed in a stationary position.


R & S : What was your favorite part of the session?

Ms. L: Doing the boudoir session from the comfort of my own home with guided support.

R & S: Describe what it was like for you to move and position the camera?

Ms. L: It was trial and error. Having a tripod or something that can serve that purpose would have been an advantage.

R & S: Were the poses what you expected?

Ms. L: More or less.

R & S: How did you feel about yourself after your webcam session?

Ms. L: Happy, satisfied, and a little sore tongue-out.

R & S: How did you feel when you saw the images we created?

Ms. L: Pleased!

R & S: Would you consider an in-studio boudoir session after this experience?

Ms. L: Absolutely! Looking forward to booking when we have the ability to get together again!

Saskatoon Boudoir a woman poses in a black and white polaroid
Saskatoon boudoir a woman poses in a black bustier in a colored polaroid

R & S: Did you care that the quality of the images was, obviously, lower than studio images?

Ms. L: It’s a non-issue, really. The images are bound to be grainier than a live photo shoot with a professional-grade camera. But it’s fun to play around with photoshop and the result is a more artistic feel which I think is fun, too!

R & S: What advice do you have for women who are interested in doing a webcam boudoir session?

Ms. L: Just go for it! You’re likely already taking selfies and sexy photos anyways, so may as well take advantage of the opportunity – we’re not getting any younger! Often we look back and lament not being grateful for what we had when we had it, which is really unfortunate. The nice things about a photoshoot like this are you can take your time getting ready in your own home, change your outfits quickly and easily, and there’s not even anyone in the room with you so you get the guidance without “feeling anyone’s eyes on you”, which is an advantage for someone who has never tried boudoir before. Since we’re currently in a pandemic, this is also the only option for professional photography! Don’t settle with regretting the things left undone.

R & S: Anything else you would like me to know about your experience with Roses & Scars Webcam Boudoir Sessions?

Ms. L: I’m pleased with the process and the outcome! You have a comfortable presence and I found it easy to follow your directions. Thanks for the experience! Can’t wait for the next time!

Webcam Boudoir Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography Ms L (2)

So you see, not even a pandemic can stop a photographer (lol). You just can’t keep a good photographer down (I don’t know about you but I’m humming that tune from ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’).

Interested in doing your own webcam boudoir? Worried because you don’t have a webcam and all the webcams in town are apparently sold out in store AND online (trust me, I looked)? Don’t worry. We will use your phone camera!

Now is a great time to take advantage, too! During Pandemic Isolation, I’ll be providing webcam boudoir sessions for no charge or in exchange for a donation to an organization in need.

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Don’t be afraid to reach out! I don’t bite.

Promise 😉

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