Covid Times: Webcam Dudeoir – Mr. A

by Sep 11, 2020

Mens boudoir wasn’t something I honestly thought I would try. I had considered it…if you look back at this post about why I haven’t done Dudeoir yet, then you’ll know I have. But there are many reasons not to. The foremost reason I had for not wanting to do it was my own safety. I wasn’t sure how to make it safe. But the adaptability required by the Covid quarantine presented a unique opportunity to try Dudeoir (aka Mens Boudoir) from the safety of my own home.

I ‘met’ Mr. A in a mutual Facebook group we were both part of us. He is, admittedly, a boudoir photographer in his country of Ireland but he stepped up for me (and a number of other boudoir photographers in the group) to provide a webcam dudeoir experience to almost anyone who asked.

For me, the whole thing was a learning experience that showed me I have a lot to learn about posing men in a boudoir fashion. I’ll let Mr. A tell you himself what he thought of the experience.

R & S: Let’s start with you telling everyone a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from?

Mr. A: I’m 45 and happily married. My wife and I moved to Ireland 16 years ago.

R & S: What made you decide you wanted to do a webcam dudeoir session? What was the goal of the session?

Mr. A: I’ve always wanted to try it. I did it out of curiosity. It wasn’t like I had the same goals as other boudoir clients – to feel beautiful, sexy, etc. I was just curious.

R & S: I understand you’ve done a few of these webcam sessions with other photographers? What keeps you coming back for more?

Mr. A: Yeah, I did more than one. I wanted to see what other photographers could do, how different their vision would be, and what kind of results they could produce.

R & S: Let’s talk about our session now. How did you feel leading up to it?

Mr. A: Tired (haha!). It was a midweek after-work photoshoot. But I was also relaxed and couldn’t wait for all the fun of it.

Saskatoon Dudeoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography Webcam male boudoir
Saskatoon Dudeoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography Webcam male boudoir

R & S: How did you feel about the session? Was it fun? Was there something you wish was different about it?

Mr. A: The session was great! It was so much fun and your directions were super easy to follow. It was like a super relaxed yoga session. I only wish we had done some nudes.

R & S: What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part?

Mr. A: My absolute favorite part was chatting after the shoot. Maybe because we are worlds apart but we connected right off the bat. My least favorite part – as always – was the end. All good things end too soon.

Saskatoon Dudeoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography Webcam male boudoir

R & S: What was the trickiest part of the session?

Mr. A: Setting up the phone is always a pain but I have a simple trick of using a mug and two pairs of socks to hold up the phone. Works like a charm.

R & S: How did you feel about yourself after the session?

Ms. A: I did this session without any expectations or goals. I’m out of shape, have no hair (what’s left is grey) but I’m still looking half decent lol. And my wife loves my bum lol.

R & S: If you lived closer, would you be considering an in-studio dudeoir session with me?

Mr. A: OMG. I would do an in-person shoot in a heartbeat! You could pose me more precisely. You could change the angle on the fly. Not to mention the improved quality of the image and that beautiful album after the shoot. My wedding pictures were my last properly printed photos, so I would definitely go for some prints.

R & S: What advice do you have for people who are interested in doing a boudoir session – whether webcam or in-studio?

Mr. A: I would love to do boudoir photoshoot for myself, but…. And here comes the list of “excuses” we are all gonna repeat to ourselves. “I have rolls here and there. I don’t have a six-pack. I don’t look anything like other people on your website.” Yes, that was me saying all those things, too. By the end of the day, you still might not totally love that person in images but you will have fun, you’re gonna feel super sexy, and the images are gonna be beautiful. It’s a great experience you can become addicted to.

Saskatoon Dudeoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography Webcam male boudoir

So there you have it. Straight from Mr. A, himself. But, even after doing a webcam dudeoir from the safety of my own home, I’m still not entirely certain dudeoir is for me. At least, not yet. But I’m glad I had someone like Mr. A to help me step out of my comfort zone jussssst a little bit.

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