Covid Times: A Majikal Webcam Session

by Jun 10, 2020

Drag Queen Boudoir seemed like a natural development for Roses & Scars Photography in order to help support the LGBTQ+ community.

Happy Pride Month! I always enjoy Pride Month and what it stands for (or at least my interpretation of what it means). Pride Month means, to me, is a celebration of human beings being free to live and love whoever and in whatever way they choose (as long as it’s legal and safe, that is lol). And that’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

Last year at the Pride Parade I was struck with the inspiration to do a boudoir session with Drag Queens! And I bounced that idea off of a friend of mine, and she loved it! My biggest problem was in finding a Drag Queen.

I didn’t know any. That simply would not do.

I started following a few on Instagram and it took me MONTHS to reach out – I wasn’t sure how my idea would be received – and ask one of them if they would be interested in participating in this special project called ‘Drag Boudoir’ because drag queens are beautiful and sexy, too, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to have a more intimate photo experience like boudoir?

I was elated when the person I reached out to loved the idea and invited a couple of her friends to join in on the idea. We had a date all picked out and were excitedly preparing.

But then Covid happened so we had to postpone our shoot. It’ll happen, but it’s postponed until a later date. In the meantime, though, I was doing webcam boudoir sessions, and I offered that as an option to these beautiful Queens. I was so happy when Majik Trixx accepted.

I’m excited to do my in-studio session with all of the Queens, but I was happy to have had this experience with Majik. I’m proud to share these images with her and that you can read about her experience.

Drag Queen Boudoir

R & S: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. Stuff like: how old are you? Where do you live?

Majik: My name is Jonathan, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Saskatoon Sk. Here in Saskatoon, I am known by my drag persona, Majik Trixx (pronounced Magic Tricks). I have been practicing and performing the art of drag for 8 years. I started out at the young age of 14 and blossomed into the performer I am today. Almost 3 years ago, I performed with The Saskatoon Menagerie Burlesque Company for the very first time. Ever since I’ve been addicted to the art of seduction, body language, tease.

R & S: Did you have any personal reasons to want to do a webcam session, besides MY reasons? (lol)

Majik: After having performed a few times with the Menagerie I gained a lot of confidence with my body. It helped me find my sexiness. With the boudoir photo shoot, I knew I’d have the freedom to express that side of me. Once I got the opportunity, I took it.

R & S: It’s always handy to know what sort of camera used for a webcam session since it affects quality. So what sort of camera did we use?

Majik: I used the front camera on my cellphone so I could see you (the photographer) as well as myself throughout the shoot.

R & S: Have you ever done an in-studio boudoir shoot before?

Majik: Yes, I was a model in a photoshoot for BobbieClaire Intimates for Men. Yes, it was more for advertising, but it gives off similar vibes as a boudoir shoot.

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (3)
Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (9)

R & S: Can you tell us how your session went?

Majik: The time just flew by because it was so much fun. You (the photographer) and I were chatting up a storm, really connecting as you directed me on how you wanted me to pose. It was very relaxed, very fun and I had a great time. The photos turned out better then I expected! I had loads of fun. I really enjoyed the session. The idea of doing a digital photoshoot never crossed my mind before. But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would definitely do it again.

R & S: What was the trickiest part of doing a webcam session?

Majik: I’d say the trickiest part is trying to get my cat out of the way! Just kidding haha!
The trickiest part would be the positioning of the cellphone on the tripod. It was tricky with the cat trying to push it over but with your guidance, it all went smoothly. It all worked out in the end!

R & S: What was your favorite part of the webcam session?

Majik: My favorite part was being able to get to know you (the photographer) and connect with you. Throughout this pandemic, it’s been difficult to get to know new people.

Saskatoon Drag Queen Boudoir

R & S: Were the poses I directed you into what you expected?

Majik: Yes and no. Some of the poses were a challenge, but that is all part of the experience. You want to push your body to the limit and really get a workout during the photo shoot. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but the outcome is worth it.

R & S: How did you feel about yourself after we were done?

Majik: I felt great! I was very comfortable throughout the photoshoot, to begin with. After the shoot, I remained in my lingerie for about 2 hours because it was such a confidence booster. Sure, nobody else can see it, but knowing how I feel wearing it, changes how I see myself. And that is priceless.

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (7)

R & S: And how did you feel about yourself after seeing the final images?

Majik: I was absolutely Impressed at how well a webcam photoshoot could turn out. The editing blew my mind as well. You changing the walls in the background and adding little messages was the cherry on top.
[A note from R &S – Webcam boudoir has inspired a whole new level of editing for me that I plan to introduce into some of my in-studio sessions, too.]

R & S: Did you care that the final images were, obviously, of a lower quality than in-studio images would have been?

Majik: I went into the shoot knowing that the quality conspired to a studio would be less. The photos still turned out pretty clear so it doesn’t bother me one bit.

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (5)

Drag Queen Boudoir

R & S: Would you consider an in-studio boudoir session after your webcam experience?

Majik: 100%. Yes.

R & S: What advice do you have for people interested in doing a webcam boudoir session?

Majik: Do it! Yes, it might seem weird to some people, but you are in the comfort of your own home. Think about it, you are at home during a pandemic with absolutely nothing to do, taking videos of yourself for TikTok or photos for Instagram….why not set your phone up on a tripod and have a photographer do the work?

R & S: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Roses & Scars Photography that I may not have asked you?

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (6)

Majik: I’d like to share that this experience for me wasn’t “eye-opening” as I’ve done something similar before. It will definitely be “eye-opening” to somebody else, though. It brings out another part of you that everyone needs to find in themselves. That sexy quality a lot of us hide away, whip it out and show it off. Not only will it come across in the photos, but you will feel so much more confident.

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (8)

Thank you so much, Majik! I had a great time and I can’t wait to get you and the other Queens in the studio in the near future!

If you’re interested in learning more about the LGBTQ+ community and how you can offer your support, I invite you to visit the OUT Saskatoon website. They have information for everyone including a page exclusively devoted to the proper terminology to use, a link to a sexual health clinic, and a volunteer page where you can sign up to volunteer in the center.

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (4)
Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (1)
Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (10)
Saskatoon-Boudoir-Photographer-Webcam-Drag-Queen-Majik-Trixx (2)

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