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When you’re looking to book a photoshoot, whether boudoir or graduation, you’re going to have a lot of questions. And that makes perfect fucking sense. To have questions about something you’re going to spending a fair bit of money on. After all, photography is a luxury, is it something you actually need? Well yeah, you do, because you know for a fact that bathroom selfie and that point and shoot photo your mom took of you in your dress just won’t hold up. So you’ve decided that you absolutely need professional photographs to make you look sexy and to feel ultra confident on your way to your prom. You need them as a way to remind exactly how you felt at that moment. But it is absolutely a big investment when you choose the right photographer (all that time and experience comes with a price tag) so you have lots of questions about your photographer and about how the photoshoot is going to look for you. And I imagine there is not a single dumb question among them. Here, I hope to be able to answer the majority (maybe even all; maybe even some you didn’t even know you had). Have a peek around.
I’m about forty words short of three hundred, so I will continue. I love doing boudoir and grad photoshoots. I especially love doing ladies grad shoots because I love playing with their huge fluffy prom dresses. Not that the slim silhouette styles are bad, I just think the full skirts are so much fun. I wish I had had a full skirt for my dress too…in hindsight, of course.

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