Pre-Wedding Gifts for Your Spouse-To-Be

by Jun 17, 2020

You’re looking for a groom gift idea. Or maybe a bride gift idea? A gift to show your spouse-to-be how excited you are to be marrying them and how much you love them. Well, I’ve got the perfect little list of ideas that are personal and memorable.

If it were me…and it was my wedding day, I would be fucking psyched. I LOVE planning and I love preparing and going above and beyond. If it were my wedding, I would want to do absolutely EVERYTHING I could to make that day the most special day my spouse-to-be and I could ever imagine (within a reasonable budget, of course; I’m not made of money, dammit). This would include a gift for my spouse-to-be for them to open before they walk down that aisle.

But what should I get??? What would they love the best? What would make them stop and really feel that they love the goddam shit outta me and they made the right choice to marry me?

I came up with a shortlist of ideas to answer this question. They’re the sort of gifts I wouldn’t mind receiving and that I feel my partner would enjoy. And maybe it’s the right kind of list for you, too.

*For me, my spouse-to-be would be a groom. Obviously, that is not the case for everyone which is why I’ve tried to keep the gift ideas as gender-neutral as possible.*

Groom Gift

Bride Gift

Grooms Gift

Bride Gift

1) Cufflinks and Jewelry

Cufflinks are one of those things that you can personalize in an extreme way. There are so many different styles of cufflinks. You can go with just plain gold or silver, or you can even get something more personal – like steampunk or superhero cufflinks.

What will make your cufflinks really meaningful, though, is the engraving you’re going to put on them. It could be anything from your initials with your wedding date or a short message that only and you and your spouse-to-be understand. This idea is mostly for a groom or a lady who chooses to wear a suit on their wedding day. The image I’ve shared shows personalized cufflinks from an etsy seller, but I’m sure you could get these made just about anywhere.

But for the spouses-to-be who prefer something a little more feminine, sparkly jewelry is the way to go. I personally would love to receive that gorgeous ruby necklace (from Heinrichs Jewelry in Saskatoon) and it would be something I would wear everyday. Most brides have already purchased all their wedding jewelry (and probably spent a bit on it) and may be reluctant to wear something different on their wedding day. So when you’re choosing jewelry, make sure it’s something that they can wear everyday rather than just on the day of the wedding.

Groom Gift

Bride Gift

3) A Love Letter

You may or may not be doing vows. If you are, those vows may not completely encompass everything you want to say, either because you don’t want your wedding guests to hear it or because it would just be too long. If you aren’t, maybe you have something special you’d like to say to them. Consider writing those feelings and thoughts in a love letter to your spouse-to-be (I suggest exchanging these just before your first look, or using it in place of a first look like the couple in this article from Posh Veils). You’d be surprised how emotional some seemingly stoic people can be on this day.

I personally love this idea. I’m the sentimental type and receiving a letter from my spouse-to-be would be something I would cherish forever.

Groom Gift Ideas Just In Case You Get Cold Feet Socks

3) Funny Socks

This is more of a gag gift, in my opinion. Strictly meant to help your spouse-to-be to relax and laugh a little. I mean, who doesn’t get a little touch of cold feet on their wedding day? Send them a cozy pair of socks to protect against it. It’s sure to get a chuckle.

These socks come from a different etsy seller. They make lots of excellent wedding day sock attire.
But you can probably get these made at any screen printer in your area.

Groom Gift Idea Funny Socks
At Home Spa Experience

Groom Gift Idea

Bride Gift Idea

4) Pamper Them

If you and your spouse-to-be have worked extra hard to put together this extraordinary day, why not acknowledge all their hard work with a spa day in the near future? You can do a couple ways. The easiest but probably more expensive option is to actually purchase a spa package from a spa you know they’ll love and gift them the certificate. OR you can put together a basket of items that will provide a spa experience at home – bubble bath, candles, chocolate, wine, bath bombs, lotions, etc.

Who couldn’t use a day of relaxation after such an important and BUSY day?!

Bride Gift idea Spa Experience

5) Honeymoon Experiences

It really depends on the kind of couple you are, really, but amping up your honeymoon with experiences that you know your spouse-to-be will love can make an awesome pre-wedding gift. If you’re a ‘lay on the beach and relax’ sort of couple, then maybe you spend a little extra dough on some sort of personal service that will ensure you have what you need while you relax.

If you’re the adventurous type (as I am) then a skydiving experience (just an example) in your honeymoon destination might be the perfect gift.

If you’re the adventurous type (as I am) then a skydiving experience (just an example) in your honeymoon destination might be the perfect gift.

Groom Gift

Bride Gift

Saskatoon Boudoir Bridal Wedding Boudoir Photographer Roses and Scars Photography

6) Book of Boudoir

Show them what they have to look forward to on your wedding night (or the next night…we all know you’ll both be exhausted the night of your wedding) by posing for boudoir photos. Put your images together in a photo book that you can send to your spouse-to-be the morning of your wedding day. They’ll be sure to get excited to meet you at the end of the aisle after flipping through that sexy little gift. This can work for both men and women as dudeoir is, very much, a thing.

If you’re looking for a boudoir photographer in Saskatoon to help you make this gift, then look no further. Roses & Scars Photography specializes in boudoir!

Saskatoon Boudoir Bridal Wedding Boudoir Photographer Roses and Scars Photography

It’s a short list, but it’s a good list. Whatever you choose to get for your spouse-to-be just make sure it’s personal and meaningful. Show them how much you love them and how excited you are to have chosen them to spend the rest of your life with.

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