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I’m a Saskatoon photographer providing you with ALL of my pricing information. I believe in honesty and respect, and if I were a customer looking for a photographer, then it would be important to me to find a photographer who is forthright and honest about their prices. And if it’s important to me then it’s important to you, too. I’m a photographer for the people, after all. I want to provide a service to the people of Saskatoon that is honest, fun, collaborative, and respectful. Those are things that are important to me, so they must be important to you, too. I’ve provided my pricing and product information for my boudoir sessions. That includes private sessions, shared sessions, add ons of milk bath or paint spatter, and boudoir parties (what a great idea!). I’ve also provided my pricing and product information for my graduation sessions. These include formal sessions from 30 minutes up to 2 hours in length which can be done on the day of your prom or any day before or after. There are also casual seniors portrait sessions for those teens who aren’t having a prom or who aren’t interested in attending prom. But hey, why not take one of each?! One casual session to capture your personality, talent, and passions, and a formal session for Prom day so that you can remember exactly how you felt and looked without having to ask your Mom to use her cell phone or point and shoot camera. Those photos always get forgotten anyway. Dang, I need five more words. That should do it now.

Boudoir Pricing and Products

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Grads and Seniors Pricing and Products

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