A Shared Boudoir Session with Ms. L and Ms. B

by Mar 21, 2021

I always enjoy when friends come in together to do a shared boudoir session. Sharing a boudoir session with a close friend helps ease nerves and creates an incredibly supportive environment for the other! “If she’s doing it, I can do it, too!”  That doesn’t necessarily mean you take pictures TOGETHER. It just means you work through an extended session taking similar pictures and hyping each other up when it’s your turn.
These sessions don’t happen as often as they maybe should. Ms. L and Ms. B were my second shared session experience and are a living example of how your friends can make you brave.

*Ms. L gave full consent for her images to be used while Ms. B preferred to not have her face shown, so you will see more images of Ms. L throughout this blog post*

R & S: Let’s start with some details about you two. How old are you? Where do you live and what’s your ‘situation’?

Ms. L: I am 22 years old, living in Saskatoon and I actually just got a promotion to Manager with Chatters Hair Salon. I’ve been working there full time for about a year and finally got the big boss job, which I’m loving so far!

Ms. B: I am 20 years old right now! A single university student in Saskatoon, SK. I am currently in my last year of university and getting ready to move into the more ‘adult’ world.

R & S: Have you considered doing a boudoir session before? If so, what stopped you from doing one before?

Ms. L: I have always wanted to do a boudoir session ever since both of my older sisters did a session a few years back. The biggest reason I never wanted to do one was that I didn’t have the money to do it. I also wasn’t very comfortable with my body until about a year ago. I finally learned to love the skin I’m in!

Ms. B: I have thought about doing a shoot before, a year-ish ago when my friend got one done for her boyfriend. Right now, and at the time, I did not have a boyfriend and didn’t really see a point in doing a shoot and spending the money when I had no one to give the pictures to. Recently I have become more involved and interested in bettering myself (mentally and physically). When I saw this opportunity for this shoot, I thought it would be a great idea to become more comfortable with myself.

Boudoir Photographer Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography

Shared Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer

Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography

R & S: What was your biggest fear about doing a boudoir session?

Ms. L: My biggest fear, honestly, was “what if I hate how I look in these pictures? What if I look fat? What if I just hate myself after doing this?” There are so many what-ifs that I had in my head before the session, but let me tell you, those nerves went away SO fast with you, Pam.

Ms. B: I was nervous about feeling uncomfortable being in front of someone not fully clothed. Honestly, I am very self-conscious especially about my body, and I was really stepping out of my comfort zone doing this.

R & S: You both participated in my Pink Wig Mini-Boudoir Session Weekend. Can you please tell me why you chose to participate?

Ms. L: I had heard about the mini-session from my co-worker Bryanna who was doing hair for the sessions. After hearing about how 40% of the proceeds were going to the Pink Wig Foundation, I knew I had to do it! After wanting to do it for so long and knowing it was going to a good cause as well, it really gave me the push to do it.

Ms. B: I thought this shoot was a great opportunity for myself, a slightly cheaper option (being a university student doesn’t leave me with a ton of disposable income), and a chance to donate to and promote Breast Cancer awareness.

Shared Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photographer Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography

R & S: Can you tell me why you wanted to do your session together? What was the best part of having your friend there?

Ms. L: I think for comfort levels, it just really made it so much easier to do weird poses and stuff, cause it was just so fun! We helped each other with the nerves for sure.

Ms. B: I guess having L with me made it a lot more comfortable and relaxed. We were all talking and joking around, which made it so much easier. Being the only half-naked person in the room can feel more intimidating but when I had someone I was familiar with, it made me a lot more comfortable with the situation.

R & S: Going into the session, what were you most nervous about?

Ms. L: I was most nervous about my body. Not being able to pose and look nice or have some fat hanging out of my bodysuit. It sounds ridiculous but that’s definitely what I was worried about.

Ms. B: I was most nervous about the awkwardness and exposing myself. I honestly thought that poses and pictures were going to be good, just nervous that I was also doing all this and would end up not liking the pictures of myself (but that was not the case!)

R & S: How did you feel about yourself before the session? How do you feel now?

Ms. L: Even though I was nervous about my body, I still felt confident. I’ve spent the last couple of years really trying to love myself and my body and even though I’m not fully there yet, I’m still extremely happy with myself at this moment.

Ms. B: I was very self-conscious before the session. I was not happy with my body and the way it looked. I was scared that the pictures were going to capture parts of me that I try to hide, but I think you did a great job in making me celebrate myself and my body. I now have a more positive mindset about myself. I think the pictures made me realize that I don’t need to strive for a ‘perfect body’ when I can enjoy the body I have right now.

Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography

Shared Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer

R & S: What was your favorite part of the experience? What was your least favorite part?

Ms. L: The entire experience was my favorite part. The hair, makeup, pictures, the amazing and accepting atmosphere. Everything was my favorite. It’s definitely one of my favorite days and I’ll remember it forever!

Ms. B: I think my favorite part was the actual picture taking. Getting pampered with hair and makeup was fun but I think the actual photos were the best part. The sets were comfy and made me feel comfortable, the poses we did were fun and made me feel good, and the support from you made it easy to feel comfortable and confident.

Boudoir Photographer Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography Plus Size Boudoir

R & S: We went through your images on a Zoom call (thanks Covid and Sask Blizzard 2020). What was your reaction to the images as we went through them?

Ms. L: I felt speechless. Every picture surprised me and made me feel beautiful. I honestly couldn’t even put into words how I was feeling. I was so nervous to see the final pictures and see what I was able to pull off but oh my god it was absolutely amazing.

Ms. B: My reaction was a lot more positive than I expected. Going into this I didn’t have much hope of liking many of the pictures, but I loved almost all of them!!!

R & S: After this experience, is there another boudoir session in your future?

Ms. L: Absolutely! I’d love to try different outfits and different sets. There are so many different things I would love to do.

Ms. B: I would see myself doing another session. With more outfits and more time. We did take quite a few pictures, but I do wish I could have changed into a couple of outfits for different pictures and vibes.

R & S: Do you have anything else you’d like to share or add? Any advice for other people considering doing a session?

Ms. L: If you’ve ever considered doing one before, do it and do it now before you can talk yourself out of it. It’s absolutely amazing to see yourself being confident and sexy. You won’t regret it one bit! Thank you again:)

Ms. B: If you are considering it, just DO IT! There is no chance you will regret the decision. I was pretty hesitant because of the money and not really being confident with my body, but I love how the pictures came out!!

Shared Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer

Thank you to these beautiful ladies for participating in my fundraiser, and for allowing me to share their experience and images! I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Enjoy some more of their images below!

Boudoir Photographer Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography
Boudoir Photographer Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography

Shared Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer

Saskatoon Boudoir Photographer Roses & Scars Photography
Boudoir Photographer Saskatoon Roses and Scars Photography

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