Covid Times: Webcam Boudoir with Ms. M

by Apr 24, 2020

I have fallen in love with webcam boudoir sessions. It’s such an awesome way to safely provide an uplifting boudoir experience during lockdown. Convincing women that a boudoir experience is something that could be really excellent for their self-esteem (especially now) is still an extremely difficult task, though! But I’m anxious to practice and keep my creative juices flowing.

Thankfully, Teri Hofford has a Facebook group where all the photographers who are learning her webcam process have virtually gathered. All of the photographers in this group are supportive and uplifting, and almost all of us have offered to model for or shoot one another. This is where I found Ms. M who lives in Virginia.

We connected via Zoom on a beautiful afternoon. She, being a boudoir photographer herself, had a beautiful studio to use, and a tripod that she affixed her phone to with hair bands. And her perfectionist nature (matching my own) lead her to ensure I got the angles I wanted, even if it meant readjusting the tripod, even just a little bit, a million times.

I experienced some technical difficulites this time around, which unfortunately burned through our time, so we got a few images and then we scheduled a second session for a few days later.

We have since shot her second session, but there are just too many amazing images to share them all here, so I will have to share those another day!

R & S: Let’s start with this. How old are you?

Ms. M: I’m 27 years old.

R & S: And where do you live?

Ms. M: I live in Pulaski, Virginia.

R & S: What were your reasons for wanting to do a webcam boudoir session?

Ms. M: I wanted to try something new and get out of my comfort zone!

R & S: Have you done an in studio boudoir session before?

Ms. M: Yes, I have! Not with you, of course.

R & S: How did you feel about the session? Did you have fun?

Ms. M: I absolutely loved it, it was SO much fun! The experience, the laughs, even the awkwardness was enjoyable in its own way.

R & S: What was the trickiest part of doing a webcam session?

Ms. M: Trying to get that perfect angle for the shot. I’m a perfectionist, so having things line up perfectly while not having the perfect set up available was SO hard for me!

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Webcam-Roses-And-Scars-Photography-Ms-M (1)
Saskatoon-Boudoir-Webcam-Roses-And-Scars-Photography-Ms-M (5)

R & S: What was your favorite part of the webcam session?

Ms. M: All the giggles and laughs. Honestly, my absolute favorite was when I thought I heard you say ‘Don’t Smile’ when in fact, you had actually told me to smile. Your reaction was PERFECT and I laughed way too hard!

[Ms. M left out the details because she wasn’t sure she could share it, but it’s my blog, so I’m going to share it. I had told her to smile. She misheard me and when she didn’t smile, I firmly said, “Smile, bitch!” and laughed, which set her in to a fit of laughter. You sort of had to be there, I guess lol.]

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Webcam-Roses-And-Scars-Photography-Ms-M (9)

R & S: Can you describe what it was like for you to have to move the camera around and position it?

Ms. M: It was a challenge. I love challenges, but this one…not so much! Finding ways to get it in just the right position while trying to see what you were seeing was HARD. I had the perk of having a fairly flexible tripod to hair-band it to (yes, I literally use the hairbows on my wrists. I worked with what I had lol).

R & S: Were the poses what you expected?

Ms. M: The poses were a workout, but they were FUN! Though if I had thought it through, I wouldn’t have worked out that morning before the session, lol.

R & S: How did you feel about yourself after the webcam session?

Ms. M: Content and excited at the same time. I knew the photos were gonna be BOMB, so I couldn’t wait to see them.

R & S: How did you feel when you saw the images we created?

Ms. M: Gosh. Giddy. Happy. Gorgeous. I felt all the things!

R & S: Did you care that the quality of the images was, obviously, lower than an in-studio image?

Ms. M: Not at all. It was the experience that I truly loved. It was a change, it was different, Something definitely needed right now.

R & S: If you lived nearby, would you consider an in-studio session with me after your webcam experience?

Ms. M: Oh Gosh Yes!

R & S: What advice do you have for people that are interested in doing a webcam boudoir session?

Ms. M: Just do it. If you’re bored? Do it for fun. If you’re feeling down? Do it for the laughs. If you’re not feeling so confident lately? Do it for the pick-me-up. If you want a fun change in your routine? JUST DO IT!

R & S: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with me that I may not have asked you? 

Ms. M: You’re awesome and I can’t wait for our next session! wink

Saskatoon-Boudoir-Webcam-Roses-And-Scars-Photography-Ms-M (3

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