Hair and Makeup for Your Boudoir Shoot: Do You Need It?

by May 29, 2023

“I don’t wear makeup! And I’ve never done anything more than a ponytail with my hair! That’s just not me! Do I have to have my hair and makeup done for my boudoir photography session?”


Just straight up. Yes. You should have your hair and makeup done for your boudoir shoot.

“But why?!”

Keep reading to find out why you shouldn’t skip this important step in preparing for your boudoir session.

Reason #1 why you need hair and makeup:

It provides an immediate confidence boost

When you’re doing something special and out of the ordinary like boudoir photography, you want to look like an elevated version of yourself. That’s where makeup and hair come in. Beautifully done makeup and hair are tools to help accentuate the positive features of your face – such as making your eyes pop with eyeshadow and lashes, highlighting your lips with a shade of lipstick that pops, and framing the shape of your face with beautiful, bodiful hair.

The natural side effect of highlighting all of your positive features with great hair and makeup is when you look in the mirror, you experience an immediate confidence boost which is something almost every woman – young and old – needs when going in to something that can set your nerves on fire like a boudoir shoot (no denying it…nerves are common place when it comes to stripping down for a camera).

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Reason #2 why you need hair and makeup:

Set You Up For Success

With boosted confidence, comes improved success with the final images.

The camera can be a jerk when it comes to telling us the truth – the camera has rarely agreed with my own thoughts of what I look like – so by highlighting your positive facial features with flawless hair and makeup, you ensure you’ll be absolutely blown away by the final image you see. Rather than focusing on the things you don’t like about your face, you’ll pull focus to the things you’ve highlighted with your hair and makeup which means you’re going to love those images that much more.

You don’t want to pay a luxury price for images you may not love in the end, right?

Reason #3 why you need hair and makeup:

Get Pampered

You’re already treating yourself to the luxury experience of boudoir photography, why not make a day of it and pamper yourself by sitting back and letting professional hair and makeup artists fawn over you, pamper you and build you up? Paying a professional to do your hair and makeup will take the stress of worrying about it off of your shoulders and you can sit back and relax in their chair, loosening up before your shoot. Being as loose and relaxed as possible going in to a boudoir session can really help lend to how positive your experience is!

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Things To Consider About Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup, when done for photography, will always look just a little over the top to the naked eye. So if you look in the mirror and go ‘WOAH! That’s WAY TOO MUCH!’, remember that just even if it looks like too much to you, it will look just perfect on camera.

Many boudoir studios are able to include Hair and Makeup with their boudoir services which can take even more stress off your shoulders about finding someone yourself. But it also removes your choice of who does your hair and makeup (though I’m 1000% certain a boudoir photographer wouldn’t choose their hair and makeup artists without being certain of their ability to do the job to perfection).

At this time, Roses & Scars Photography does not have an in-studio hair and makeup artist, and thus the cost of hair and makeup is not included in the session fees. Hair and Makeup is still strongly recommended, so we would discuss if you have someone in mind to do your hair and makeup, if you would like me to find someone for you at an additional cost or if you’re interested in doing your own hair and makeup.

There you have it.

There are 3 perfect reasons why Hair and Makeup for your boudoir photo shoot are so important. You receive a confidence boost, you’re more likely to love your images, and it can add to your luxury experience to be pampered by a hair and makeup artist.

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