Boudoir with Ms. D and Ms. J

by Jan 31, 2020

When Ms. D wanted to do some boudoir photography to make a gift for her anniversary, she didn’t want to do it alone! She shared her session with her best friend Ms. J! 

These two long-time friends came in for a shared boudoir session to make anniversary gifts for their husbands. I always enjoy working with friends doing shared sessions. This was no exception. There was music and laughter as we shared 3 hours together, capturing images they were both nervous to see but both ended up loving come reveal day. I could go on and on about what I thought of the session, but it’s probably best if I let them tell you themselves. Go ahead and read all about their experience here. WARNING: Just so you aren’t surprised, there is some joyful swearing, and I didn’t edit it out because I don’t mind it. Haha.

What made you decide on doing a boudoir session?

J: D told me I had to. D: Wow. It was for an anniversary present for my husband J: That’s what mine was too. Our anniversaries are a week apart.

How did you decide on what to wear? Did you have any meaningful accessories?

D: I brought half of my wardrobe and you (Pam/R&S) picked. And, yes, my cowboy hat, my husbands jersey were meaningful. J: I grabbed most of my slutty stuff and brought that. My husbands work fedora was my meaningful accessory.
Saskatoon boudoir two women pose with hats, one in a sports jersey and the other with her shoulder exposed

Boudoir Photography

Saskatoon boudoir two photos, two women laying on their bellies with their hands clasped in front of them looking seductively at the camera or just off camera with eyes closed

Let’s talk about the day of the shoot. Were you nervous? How did you feel being in front of the camera? Did it take you very long to get comfortable?

D: *Nods.* Didn’t sleep the night before. J: Oh hell yeah. I probably smoked half a pack of cigarettes before getting to D’s. J: Terrified being in front of the camera D: Nervous being in front of the camera J: in front of the camera, yes, but in the session itself, no. It was so much fun. The atmosphere was so relaxing and fun. We were just hanging out having fun but when you put the camera in front of us it’s terrifying. D: Yeah nervous to see what it would look like. It’s permanent. I wanted to be able to love the pictures, but I was nervous that I wouldn’t. J: Me too.

Boudoir Photography

Tell me about the experience you had during the session. Were the poses what you expected? Did you have fun?

J: We had a blast D: We had lots of fun J: We even thought we might do this again D: Yeah…what. The. Fuck. D: The poses were hard to hold. J: Yeh, you need to bust ass at the gym for a year before you do this shit. D: Even as a plus size haha. Where you want to show off the curves. Point your toes and shit. J: Take some hot yoga before you go haha.

Were you sore the next day from the poses?

D: Yeah I was a little. I was exhausted that night. It felt like a workout. All the build up of the nervous energy was draining. J: No not really. I was sore that night but not the next day.
Saskatoon boudoir two women pose and smile at the camera in four different photos

Boudoir Photography

Saskatoon Boudoir Two women pose with sheer curtains and lying down featuring their bottoms in four photos

What were your first thoughts when you saw your images? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since then?

D: Holy shit. Wow. I was happy with them. Actually I loved them the way I was hoping to. J: When you did the reveal, I loved more of the photos than I hated. I didn’t realize I disliked a certain part of my body until I saw the photos, which is why I’d do it again. D: Yes, actually. J: I haven’t. I have a mental shift in the way other people perceive me. I think I believe other people more when they tell me I’m beautiful or sexy.

What was your absolute favorite part of the experience?

J: Visiting with D and Pam. The three of us talking and having fun. D: It was a lot of fun. It was a girls day away from the kids. J: I would have been more freaked out if it was just me and a photographer. D: Having a friend there was the best. J: it takes the pressure off. It’s like a mini-party.

Do you have any advice or tips for ladies who are thinking about doing a session?

D: Do it. Bring a friend. I highly recommend it. J: If you need moral support, bring a friend. Have fun. Remember it doesn’t always have to be scary.
Saskatoon boudoir two photos of women posing for boudoir - one in a sports jersey and cowboy boots and one wearing black pleather wearing handcuffs behind her back


J: I swear we aren’t crazy. D: We are actually down-to-earth hockey moms.

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