Hi! My name is Pam!

I’m a Saskatoon photographer specializing in Boudoir and Graduations.

Hi! My name is Pam!

I’m a Saskatoon photographer specializing in Boudoir and Graduations.

As a photographer in Saskatoon and a photography client myself, I understand that getting in front of a camera can be a nail-biting, anxiety-provoking experience. It’s even more harrowing when you’ve never met the photographer before!

You don’t know me! Why would you trust me to take your photo? Right?

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Well let me introduce myself

My name is Pam Brace (like it says up top there) and I’m a boudoir photographer.
I’ve also been doing work with graduations and roller derby.

Besides being an impassioned photographer…

  • I am mother to a beautiful, sassy, curious, loud little boy (just like his Mom)
  • I love musicals which is often accompanied by learning all the words to every song and belting them out in the car for months after
  • I sometimes curse like a sailor and I enjoy doing it, but I’m 100% capable of holding my tongue when needed (such as in the presence of little ears)
  • I also enjoy talking in GIFs over text (why say with words what a GIF could say better?)
  • I’m a problem solver. You’re not sure what to wear to your session? Let me help you solve that problem!
  • I want you to be comfortable during your session so playing music you’ll enjoy (I’ll likely enjoy it, too), cracking jokes (dad joke, maybe?), and stopping for a dance break (which can easily make me look a fool) are a few tricks I use to help you relax.
  • You and I will have a great time making spectacular images and you’ll feel like you were hanging out with a friend.

Stop biting those nails, let me help you solve your problems and let’s have some fun!

I imagine you need a little more information before you decide to jump in with both feet. That’s absolutely alright!

There is loads of information to find. Start with The Experience to learn what it’s like to work with me! Or jump straight to Pricing, if you like. Spend some time and learn all there is to learn about Roses & Scars Photography.

Be fierce! Be a badass! Be bodacious!


Be fierce!
Be a badass!
Be bodacious!


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