These Women

I don’t have many photos of my Mother among my collection of photos. Or my Grandmother, for that matter.

I recognize the hypocrisy in that. This journey in to building my own photography business and figuring out why it’s important to me has made me acutely aware of this.

I’m promoting the capture of memories, the freezing of time, the encapsulation of an individuals essence and their moments in order to have them forever. Before it’s too late.

*Deep sigh.* If I’m going to do it for other people, I should be doing it for myself.

In light of this, during a visit home in February, I made a point of kidnapping (it was consensual lol) my Grandmother from her care home and bringing her to my Moms place where I set up a mini studio in her living room. And we all had a beautiful time with it.

Not only do my clients deserve to keep their people forever. I do, too. And I want to keep them forever.


Because these women…

They are my role models.
They taught me the life lessons I needed to become the person I am.
They supported me when I needed it.
They put me in check when I needed it. They showed me what it was like to be strong.
They showed me when to know to bite my tongue, and when to speak up.
They gave me what I needed when I needed it.
They said ‘no’ when I wanted something I didn’t need.
They listened when I needed someone to hear me.
They loved hard.
They loved soft.
They demonstrated longevity.
They demonstrated perseverance.
They taught me how to be a woman. A flawed but wonderful woman.

They LOVE me unconditionally.

They still do all these things for me. I never want to lose that.
Any photo I take of them will help me remember that for the rest of my life. Even when they aren’t there anymore.

I will take more photos before that day comes.